Your Place, Brighton Festival May 2017


We love to share our puppet and set making skills and 2017 has been a busy one so far! We were fortunate enough to participate in YOUR PLACE which was a series of free workshops, performances and activities as part of the Brighton Festival 2017.

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Pinochhio Workshops April 2017

Recently we had the most charming workshops making marionette puppets with children ages 8-10. Inspired by the story of Pinocchio, characters were created, clothes and props were made and narratives written. We ended with wonderful performances!

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Our Future City 2017

We’re were thrilled to be invited to work alongside Hertford Infants School Year Two as part of Our Future City initiative with Brighton and Hove. It was a wonderful project with amazing creations!

Our very own Fran Malone wrote a lovely blog explaining more about the project “Us in Space”. You can read it here!

Hertford Infants Our Future Cities week 1-12

For workshop enquiries, please drop us an email,

Thanks, Maddie & Fran X


Donatello Installation

Herringbone Arts and Donatello really love books and stories, so this winter Herringbone Arts have created magical window displays based upon a well known fairy tale character- Little Red Riding Hood.

Scenes depicting Little Red and some of her favourite fairytales are presented in the windows. If you look closely, tiny footprints then lead to The Enchanted Cottage –  the main installation at the front of the building and home to Little Red Riding Hood and some of her best friends. The installation allows you to follow in their footsteps, take a peek through the windows of the cottage and see if you can recognise which fairy tale characters have been staying with Little Red!

You can read our story of Little Red Riding Hood here

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