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Donatello Installation

Herringbone Arts and Donatello really love books and stories, so this winter Herringbone Arts have created magical window displays based upon a well known fairy tale character- Little Red Riding Hood.

Scenes depicting Little Red and some of her favourite fairytales are presented in the windows. If you look closely, tiny footprints then lead to The Enchanted Cottage –  the main installation at the front of the building and home to Little Red Riding Hood and some of her best friends. The installation allows you to follow in their footsteps, take a peek through the windows of the cottage and see if you can recognise which fairy tale characters have been staying with Little Red!

You can read our story of Little Red Riding Hood here

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100 Tails of Us….”As they make their way through the theatre, children’s imaginations are fired…there are no wiggling bottoms on seats with this promenade show, as the action and audience move on every ten minutes or so, keeping youngsters engaged. It is an extremely fun experience for small groups of children.” The Argus 4****


Amongst The Stars is a charming interactive mystery tour around Theatre Royal Brighton.

Each scene takes place in beautifully decorated little ante-rooms, by an ornate mirror or in the welcomingly warm auditorium.

They spin the show along with professional slickness and indulge in individual needs. This is a brilliantly designed Christmas piece offering magic and pleasure, while demanding a certain beadiness from the audience.” The Argus 4 ****


“A perfect show to enjoy this Christmas. An enchanting journey for young children. All parents know trying to keep their little ones still and quiet during a show can be very challenging. So, if you are lucky enough to find one that allows your children to walk around and interact, you know half the battle is over. If you are then lucky enough to find a show that holds their imagination, you feel like you’ve won the lottery.

Amongst the Stars is one of these shows. It is superbly acted and cleverly designed to take your little ones on a journey around the theatre as they help Mrs Nye Chart search for her special necklace.

With music, Christmas carols, puppets and laughter it is a journey children will love. The warm apple juice, biscuits and take home presents all add to the enjoyment.

My children were enchanted and as we left I asked my two young companions what they would like to do next. The reply ‘can we go do it again.’ I think that says it all.” What’s On 4 Kids UK

Donatello Brighton saw the arrival of The Enchanted Cottage and bespoke window displays featuring Little Red Riding hood and her love of reading.

A Winters Trail, took place in December 2015. It featured in the Metro as one of the Top 10 things to do and here’s what a few of the press had to say…

“Enchanting promenade…thoughtfully devised. Family Arts Festival award-winner Herringbone Arts is a local company specialising in promenade pieces and puppetry. They’re a gift to Theatre Royal Brighton.” Bella Todd. The Stage 4 ****


“A beautifully crafted and brilliantly magical reminder of what’s important during the Christmas season” The Argus 4 ****


“The staircases and nooks and crannies of the Theatre Royal lend themselves perfectly to this perambulating production from Brighton-based Herringbone Arts, which involves a gentle story of lost magic interpreted by two child-friendly narrators, ingenious use of wall pictures and some delightful models and puppets.” Bill Avenell. The Reviews Hub    4.5 ****


“Hearing my daughter’s own shared moments filled me with tears and made the whole experience even more magical for us both. My daughter was completely enchanted, as was I.” What’s Good To Do    5 *****

A Winter’s Trail -Theatre Royal, Brighton

Kind Words

“It’s a treat to work with Herringbone Arts. They have created fantastical worlds and beautiful stories allowing us to transport audiences to truly magical and whimsical places. The experiences they create will stay with participants (and me!) forever. They have a genuinely flexible, imaginative and incredibly creative approach to our collaborations and I can’t thank them enough.”  John Baldock, General Manager, Theatre Royal Brighton

“Working with Herringbone Arts is such a pleasure – they understand the complex needs of schools, teachers and children, and are able to meet those with exciting and inspirational projects.”  Bec Britain, Project Manager, Our Future City

“Herringbone Arts have partnered with Theatre Royal Brighton for 4 projects, creating fantastic creative experiences for children 3yrs+ and their families to share together; nearly 3,000 people have watched a Herringbone Arts show at Theatre Royal Brighton. The work created is beautiful, funny, thought provoking and magical; Fran and Maddie are open, responsive, full of ideas – and have the skills and determination to bring their ideas to fruition, their attention to detail is astonishing; all in all this is a joyful partnership – long may it continue!’ Jackie Alexander Area Creative Learning Manager, Theatre Royal Brighton

“It was a delight to watch the children and their parents working together so enthusiastically to solve problems and create their puppets and scenery.  The sessions were relaxed and creative and enjoyed by all. The children felt such a sense of achievement and pride sharing their artwork with their family and friends. Many thanks for inspiring such creativity.” Tracey Bowers, Assistant Head, Hertford Infants

The workshops have made such a positive impact to the children and parents. As a teacher, it has given me a good talking point to help build relationships with parents. The parents I have spoken to have said they have really enjoyed it and some were considering re-creating something similar at home.It has been lovely to hear members of the class describe what they have been creating in these sessions, speaking articulately and with great enthusiasm. The children were very excited on Mondays, a big part of that excitement was due to their parents coming into school and sharing this experience with them. What a brilliant experience!” Sarah Unsworth, Year 2 Teacher, Hertford Infants 

And from our lovely audiences…..

“I took my two boys, aged 4 and 9 to see ‘A Winter’s Trail’ with my husband and we all loved it. We had no idea it was just on the stairwells but what a magical experience! I thought the attention to detail was exquisite and the little touches like home made gingerbread men and apple cider were really wonderful. Days later, my boys are still playing with their ‘moon stones’ and talking about the show. The underlying theme to spend quality time as a family was really appreciated and has reminded us what matters most. Thank you!”

“Wonderful and original puppetry by Herringbone Arts. Both my sons (aged 2 and 6) were left wanting more! Magical and artistic.”

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100 Tails of Us

Deep beneath the Theatre a son and daughter of two different families make an exciting discovery, each other’s existence! They are not alone, as the elders had them believe.

As you peer through tiny keyholes, open miniature doors and read teeny notes in secret code, a hidden world is unveiled – and it’s much bigger than anyone imagined!

Most suitable for 3 – 7 year olds

100 Tails of Us premiered at Theatre Royal Brighton in December 2017