Amongst the Stars

Something very precious has disappeared, without it things are not quite right, things don’t happen the way they should. A search party is dispatched and amidst the red velvet, gold leaf and limelight they discover a magical world, a world that is keeping something very special, very safe.

With the help from the Arts Council England, Christmas 2017 saw Amongst the Stars return but this time rewritten and brought forward to the 1950’s. The promenade show was completely remade and adapted to be truly site responsive and celebrated  theatre manager Mr John Dorrill and Miss Erica Yorke.


In 2016 Amongst the Stars was premiered at the Theatre Royal Brighton and this original performance was set in Victorian Brighton and featured Mrs Ellen Nye Chart the pioneering female theatre manager. Audiences were invited to follow the cast in and around the beautiful building on a quest to help Mrs Nye Charts lost necklace.

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