A Little Tiny Tale

On a cold winters evening Poppy and her Nana discover the magic of the bedtime story. Enchanted and captivated, they are lulled to sleep by this little tiny tale. As slumber descends, they prepare for a night of the sweetest dreams.

Inspired by the magic of Little Tiny and Thumbelina as well as other  childrens stories, we began to develop our own. It featured tiny puppets, large puppets, and a huge amount of magic. A Little Tiny Tale was performed at The Patch Winter Warmer, Sunday 1st December 2013, William Clarke Park, Brighton. Thanks to those who came along and met with our very excited puppets. Nana and Poppy are now fully rested and are on the lookout for more exciting stories.

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A Little Tiny Tale is suitable for ages 0-8. The performance and a meet and greet with the puppets typically lasts 45 minutes.

Audience feedback…

“It was a pleasure to work with Herringbone Arts.  They provided a magical set, exquisite puppets and an intriguing story.  ” Clare Wills, The Patch Winter Warmer

“My children aged 2 & 3 were mesmerised.  It was perfect for the event and the outdoor setting.”

“Thank you for putting on such a marvellous show. Lovely to see you contributing something so magical to the lives of children (and adults). Doing any more? I hope so…”

 Winter Warmer 2013


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weaving tales & performance in unexpected places